A Paradigm Theory of Existence

What is it for any contingent thing to exist. Why does any contingent thing exist. For some time now. the preferred style in addressing such questions has been deflationary when it has not been eliminativist..

Harry Caray: Voice of the Fans

WGN announcer Pat Hughes presents Harry Caray: Voice of the Fans. an audio/photo tribute to Chicago and St Louis sports broadcaster Harry Caray..

Out Came the Sun

She opens her eyes. The room is dark. She hears yelling and smashed plates. and wishes it was all a terrible dream..

What Price Gory?

What Price Gory. is a bloody collection of old school horror. What critics are saying about What Price Gory.: "A horror library MUST READ..

I Wonder Why Caterpillars Eat So Much

"I Wonder Why Caterpillars Eat So Much" by Belinda WeberWhy do kangaroos have pouches. How do penguin eggs stay warm. Children cannot fail to learn about all types of life cycles when they pick up this intriguing and entertaining book..

Cinepoems and Others

Benjamin Fondane (1898-1945) was that rarest of poets: an experimental formalist with a powerfully lyric poetic style: a near-surrealist who embraced and produced his own version of existential philosophy: a Romanian poet who wrote in French: a self-consciously Jewish poet of diaspora and loss..

Bava's Gift

Based on events that can only be described as miraculous. BAVA'S GIFT brings together ideas in science and spirituality. and delivers a fresh and engaging perspective about the nature of such events..

The Nile Cruise

Since Cleopatra treated Caesar to a magnificent progress upriver on her royal barge. a cruise on the Nile has been an essential component of many visitors' trips to Egypt..

Designing for Print

This book is a single-source guide to planning. designing and printing successful projects using the Adobe Creative Suite..

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