Cynical Acumen

Winner of the Medical Journalists' Association Specialist Book of the Year Award 2006 Cynical Acumen approaches medicine in the real world dealing with issues ignored by other books..

Adventure Time - The Art of Ooo

Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of Finn the Human's and Jake the Dog's adventures in the postapocalyptic..

Sang Fur the Wandert

Sang fur the Wandert is a new collection of poetry from award-winning Janet Paisley. Written in Scots and English. the poems look at Scotland and the world..

Haikus for Jews

Of all the many forms of Jewish Japanese poetry. the Jewish haiku is perhaps the most sublimely beautiful. Consisting of just seventeen syllables. this little-known style of verse combines the simplicity and elegance of Asian art with the irritability and impatience of Jewish Kvetching..

Direct Support from a Manager's Viewpoint

DIRECT SUPPORT from a manager's Viewpoint is about answering the frequent how-to questions of direct support. It offers completely new approaches to working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (special needs) by clearly providing readers with understanding of routines..

John Hall of Wallingford, Conn

Excerpt from John Hall of Wallingford. Conn: A Monograph John Hall. of New Haven and Wallingford. was one of the after signers to the New Haven Planters' covenant..

Taking the Fall

Duncan Claymore could have it all. He's one of the country's up and coming young jockeys and this season his sights are set on getting right to the top..

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